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Just How Many People Did KPMG Recruit This Year Anyway?

KPMG just proudly declared they've welcomed a record 54,000 Klynveldians into the Church of KPMG in FY14, 18,000 of those new graduates. That's a pretty big number.

Just how big? Well, let's put it into perspective.

The Pimbwe of Tanzania The entire population of the Pimbwe people, who call Sub-Saharan Africa home, is 54,000, according to this.

The herp According to the CDC, Americans contract STDs at the rate of 54,000 per day. Gross.

Dead deer In the first three days of firearms deer hunting season (not to be confused with archery hunting season), Minnesota deer hunters registered 54,000 kills.

Lightning Lightning can reach temperatures of 54,000 degrees Farenheit.

A lot of words The "typical" social media user consumes 285 pieces of content a day, or about 54,000 words.

Here are more than 54,000 dominoes being toppled in a circle bomb:

Back to KPMG, let's see how they did (bonus points if you can spot the unfortunate error in the graphic):

Now, let's get to the obligatory horn-tooting because you know they just had to tell us all about this:

The KPMG network includes more than 162,000 talented professionals around the world. Our people are recognized in the marketplace for delivering outstanding professional services to leading private and public sector organizations.
Our clients value the breadth of skills and experience KPMG professionals bring to every client engagement. This includes a wealth of experience living and working in other countries and cultures.

Creating opportunities

Over the past 12 months, as our network has grown strongly, we have created almost 7,000 new jobs and recruited more than 54,000 people to join the KPMG network, and our total number of partners and staff is the highest it has ever been.

It's unclear from this if that 54,000 number includes certain acquired firms that start with Rothstein and end in Kass but going off the tweet about new hires, we'll assume it doesn't. Interestingly, KPMG hired more people globally for the year than it employs in the entire America's region.

Now you can turn around and share this fact with your little friends at the holiday party. You're welcome.