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Joining Post-Mass Exodus

Ed. note: Here’s another post from the mailbag. We’re still in the process of cleaning up our recent updates so if you have trouble submitting an Open Item, send it to [email protected] and we’ll get it published.

Hello wise and entertaining folk of GC:

Wanted to see what your thoughts and advice would be for someone looking at opportunities at companies (non-start ups) that have wiped out/lost their local tax function (either in part of in full) and looking to rebuild it starting with their Manager/Manager+ roles… let’s assume these are lone roles “with the intent to hire staff in the future as needed”.

  1. Would you consider something like this a good opportunity? or take it as a sign to run the opposite direction?
  1. Does your answer change to number 1 change if the opportunities were in the retail industry (given the current challenges it’s facing)?

Thanks in advance for your comments.