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Joe the Plumber Will Tackle Tax Reform If Elected to Congress

Samuel Wurzelbacher (aka Joe the Plumber) is running for Congress. Yep! The man who became a hero to uncounted conservative Americans for having a slightly contentious driveway moment with then-candidate Barack Obama wants to represent the citizens of Ohio's 9th Congressional District. Despite his claims to be an outsider, JdaP has a pretty sophisticated campaign going that includes photo ops that would make one think that he's actually a plumber (he's not). But never mind all that. The issues are the important thing, right? So what is on SamJoe's platform?

His agenda: tax reform, cutting regulation. "I believe we're completely out of balance. There's got to be a center here." He's opposed to green initiatives. He thinks the auto bailouts were an example of government overreach. "Most of my neighbors work at Jeep and GM, but most of them disagreed with the bailout," he says. Neither party has been significantly aggressive on simplifying the tax code. He'd like to audit the Federal Reserve and go through the budget line by line. "They want to scare people and talk about cutting Social Security and Medicare," he says. "Nobody talks about going through the budget line by line."

What would entail being "significantly aggressive on simplifying the tax code"? Does this include sticking a plunger on Nancy Pelosi's head or eating a magic flower that will allow him to chase the do-nothings with fireballs to spring them into action? As for nobody talking about budget cutting "line by line," maybe Joe missed that driveway moment. Either way, it's not entirely clear how Joe will flush out these wonky budgetary issues. 

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