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Job of the Day: VP of Financial Reporting and Fund Admin. at J.P. Morgan

The Vice President of Financial Reporting/Fund Administration postion requires someone with extensive experience with funds that are subject to the Securities Act of 1940.

This individual will oversee the preparation of quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports to shareholders and to the SEC.

Get more details on this position, located in Boston, after the jump.

Company: J.P. Morgan

Title: Vice President – Financial Reporting/Fund Administration

Location: Boston, MA

Responsibilities: Oversee the production of the Fund’s quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports to shareholders and file with the SEC; Coordinate shareholder report mailings with transfer agent or distributor; Ensure the timely completion and review of all financial statements prior to production; oversee the preparation and review of filing; Form N-SAR and N-Q; oversee the preparation and filing of Form N-CSR for all funds with SECWork with the Fund’s legal counsel and outside auditors with regard to filings, examinations, and reporting; provide Fund’s Board of Directors and Fund Management with timely, essential and accurate reporting of Fund operations; prepare correspondence for distribution to Fund management and Board of Directors when deemed appropriate; manage all financial reporting responsibilities as appropriate.

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