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Job of the Day: Nemours Needs an Assistant Treasurer

Nemours is looking for an experienced accounting or finance professional to fill an Assistant Treasurer role in its Jacksonville, Florida location.

The position requires an MBA with three years experience and knowledge of accounting principles and financial analysis.

Company: Nemours

Title: Assistant Treasurer

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Description: This position is responsible for providing assistance with analysis and management of short- and intermediate-term investment pools. Additionally, will provide assistance with analysis and management of self-insurance, captive and risk retention group investment pools. Finally, this position will be responsible for ongoing monitoring and analysis of existing debt structure.

Responsibilities: Prepares analyses and provides reports on investment holdings and investment performance of Nemours short- and intermediate-term investment pools; Prepares analyses and provides reports on investment holdings and performance held by Nemours’ wholly-owned subsidiaries; Researches and coordinates new cash management products and procedures. Provides assistance in designing and implementing technical and process improvements to the organization’s cash management functions, including float optimization and maximization of portfolio earnings and acceleration of cash collections; Assists Managing Director of Finance/Treasurer with cash flow analysis to ensure optimal investment of funds. Ensures funds are available to meet the needs of all Nemours’ expenditures, including Payroll and Accounts Payable, while timing availability to maximize investment of unexpended cash.

Qualifications/Skills: MBA with an emphasis on Finance, along with three (3) to five (5) years of related experience; Excellent written and verbal skills; Knowledge of general accounting principles; Knowledge of financial analysis techniques and methods for assessing the operating effectiveness and financial condition of organizations.

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