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Is the Party Over?

cheers!.jpgIn these frugal times, you may have noticed the lessening frequency of booze fueled get-togethers at your firm. Now that may new associates are/will be joining the number crunching fray soon we’re wondering if we’ll see a possible uptick in social events.
Knocking back some cocktails doesn’t always have the wide appeal in today’s diverse workforce (regardless of what the stats say) but often these fall events are well attended by boozehounds and non-boozehounds alike.
Discuss in the comments the current trend of socializing at your office. Is the culture at your firm or office drying out? Will it get amped up for the incoming staff? One would think that could be impossible judging by activity during this time of year in the past but since layoffs appear to be a bodily function for the firms these days, your celebrations may be occurring with less enthusiasm.