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Is the Era of Work/Life Balance Over?

Did it ever exist? We hope accounting firms have gotten their act together and don’t have to resort to more layoffs even though rumors still persist.

Whether the shooting is over or not, it’s a pretty sure bet that, at the very least, lots of you are doing the same amount of work with less people on your team. So any illusions you had about work/life balance before have progressed to full blown poppycock.

The question remains though, is your firm still pitching this as one of their “core rhetoric values” (insert respective buzzword)?

Call us idealistic but it seems that with everything that has happened over the last 12-18 months, most firms would want to leve l with their employees. You know, give them the straight shit: “Look, we’re really sorry but we’ve got to drop this whole work/life balance thing. We just can’t keep a straight face any more.”

It’s a very tricky situation that firms find themselves in since recruiting is in full swing. Painting the rosy picture for the recruits but leveling with current employees at the same time? Is this even possible?

What’s your firm’s latest message? Are they still encouraging the work/life balance or has slowly reached the “not applicable” stage? Did it ever exist for you at your firm or have you been deleting those emails since the day you walked in the door because you knew it was bupkis? Discuss in the comments.