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The IRS Has 99 Problems But Obamacare Ain’t One

We no longer run a daily "quote of the day" over here at GC, but if we did, these thoughts from former acting IRS commissioner Danny Werfel would certainly be in the running.

POLITICO got to pick his brain recently and while he refused to answer any questions about that Lois Lerner chick and how Ways and Means is in his business like white on rice, he did have some thoughts on how Obamacare is quickly becoming the best thing to happen to the IRS since the 16th Amendment:

But there was one area that Werfel said the IRS deserves praise for: Obamacare. The agency has so far avoided any real criticism for the rollout of the 2010 health care law — a status Werfel credited to its technology prep. “Information technology, at this point in time, is a significant strength for the IRS. The chief technology officer over there [has] a shop that is top-notch, I was extremely impressed with what the technology folks over at the IRS are able to accomplish. The launch of the IT solutions went very smoothly, it was not without hard work. The final months leading up to October…what I saw was a very effective technology team,” he said.

So let me make sure I read that correctly. We are in the very early stages of Obamacare's rollout and the guy who ran the show at the IRS for 7 months while the IRS was embroiled in a political scandal thinks Obamacare is one of the IRS' greatest victories?

Cool story, bro.