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IRS to Get Its Act Together on Whistleblower Program

The Service has heard everyone's concerns that whistleblower tips aren't being reviewed in a timely manner, rewards aren't paid, blah blah blah, so just everyone cool it while they sort this out:

The IRS will work with “internal and external stakeholders” on a “comprehensive review” of the agency’s guidelines and procedures for handling whistle-blower complaints, Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement Steven T. Miller said in a two-page memo to senior IRS officials posted on the agency’s website yesterday. Miller also set 90-day deadlines for the agency to review whistle-blower claims, which can take at least seven years to resolve. […] “Whistle-blowers can provide valuable leads and often offer unique insights into taxpayer activity,” Miller wrote. He said timely action is essential and debriefing of whistle- blowers will “be the rule, not the exception.” 
See? Piece of cake. They'll just ask everyone who's left to pick up the slack.