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IRS Agent/Hero Thwarts Robbery Attempt, Shooting Suspect

This guy/gal is going to get a big slap on the back from Doug Shulman:

An Internal Revenue Service criminal investigations special agent shot and wounded one person during an apparent robbery attempt in San Francisco’s Bayview District overnight, police and an IRS spokeswoman said.

Our hero was apparently on duty at the time which, apparently, isn’t strange:

[IRS Spokeswoman Arlette Lee] said agents are on call 24 hours.

“It is not unusual for IRS agents to be out at different times of the morning or evening,” Lee said.

Lee said IRS special agents carry firearms but could not immediately confirm that the agent involved in the shooting had fired a service weapon.

In other news, IRS Agents also eat but are impervious to coffee.

IRS agent shoots suspect during robbery attempt [Mercury News]

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