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In Case You Need Another Reason to Hate the French

a person in crowd holding up a French flag

Walking around the PwC office in Midtown Manhattan, our blogospondent in the field happened across a couple of young ladies having their picture taken in front of the PwC sign out front, proudly posing as if it was their names on the building at 300 Madison and not PricewaterhouseCoopers.

[there used to be a picture here]

Said blogospondent approached the young ladies and asked if they worked at the P Dub and they responded in heavy French accents, “yes!” As a result of further prying, it was revealed that the ladies do work a lot during “busy times,” sometimes between 50 and 60 hours a week!

This compared to an American tax associate we spoke to just a couple days before who, in the last fifteen days, had worked 185 hours.

Let’s recap: America – 185 hours in 15 days in the middle of June vs. France – 50-60 hours in one week during the “busy time.”
American vitriol towards the French may now ensue.