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The Important Questions: Do You Self-Identify as a Hippie?

This tip box entry may or may not be a serious question, but since it's the Friday after a holiday and all, let's allow it to be asked anyway:

Do a lot of ex-Big4 or Big4 professionals self-declare as Hippies? I consider myself a hippie. And I may or may [not] have worked for a Big 4 – if this is the norm I may need to go jump off of something.*

Do actual hippies even self-declare as hippies? What exactly does a Big 4 hippie look like? A guy in wrinkled chinos playing hacky sack in the conference room with a framed black light photo of Bob Marley at his desk?

Why would you jump off of something? Because you even asked this question? Because you're sick of inter-office memos about proper hair washing and overuse of patchouli? I am so confused. Sounds like you are, too.

Let's discuss.

*Question likely inspired by this post.