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However the Presidential Election Goes, CPAs Probably Not Moving to Canada

Trump? Clinton? Bloomberg (write-in)? Another to be named later? None of the above? However this dumpster fire of a presidential election turns out, an AICPA survey found that CFOs, controllers and "other CPA executives" are chill:

About 64% say the election will factor into business planning for the next fiscal year to some extent. Twenty-six percent say the election is a slight factor, 23% say it will be a moderate factor, and 15% say it will significantly factor into business planning, budgeting, or forecasting. Thirty-six percent say the election is not a factor in their business plans for the next fiscal year.

More than 80% of CFOs, controllers, and other CPA executives say they will continue hiring at their current pace or that the election will not factor into hiring.

Boy, they really went nuanced with those responses, didn't they? "Some extent," "slight," "moderate." Do you think if "somewhat" were an option that it would've cut into the "some extent" vote?

Anyway, it's nice to see CPAs keeping their heads about this. Or maybe they're all just stewing a while longer.


Image: iStock/roibu