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Homer Simpson Shares Grover Norquist’s Anger Over George Bush’s Broken Taxpayer Protection Pledge

Our pal Tony Nitti has done us all a great service by compiling a Guide To Every Tax Reference In 'The Simpsons' Marathon. Should you take my advice and take some time off next week, you can catch a few hundred episodes. 

In any case, Tony's post is a great read for Simpsons fans who also share a fondness for taxes. My personal favorite involves a certain former President: 

In “Two Bad Neighbors,” former President George H. Bush moves in across the street from the Simpsons. The two eventually war like the Hatfield and McCoys 3rd Bass and MC Hammer, and during a brief moment of contrition by Bush, Homer demands that he also “apologize for that tax hike,” an allusion to the tax increase of 1990 that came a mere two years after Bush, in a campaign speech, famously proclaimed, “Read my lips. No. New. Taxes.”

I think we all know how Grover Norquist feels:

Grover Norquist, the head of Americans for Tax Reform, responded to President George H.W. Bush's slight on him and his work […], saying Bush lost his bid for a second term because the American people "really don't like when politicians lie to them." 
And no cartoon character quite embodies the feelings of the American people like Homer J. Simpson.

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