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Hiring Watch ’19: EY Is Looking for Some Fresh Faces In New Orleans

First Nashville, now the EY hiring caravan is heading to New Orleans.

Ernst & Young, an international accounting and business services firm, will create an administrative support center in New Orleans that will add 200 employees in the next three years, city, state and economic development officials announced Monday (May 6).

The center will be part of an expansion at Ernst & Young’s local offices, at 701 Poydras St. In addition to 175 workers for its National Executive Assistance Team (NEAT), the company will add another 25 employees in its risk services division.

Last October, EY told Accounting Today that the firm had a recruiting goal for fiscal year 2019 of 15,700 new hires in the U.S.—6,300 “experienced and executive-level positions” in full-time capacities, as well as 9,400 students for jobs and internships—which we were skeptical about, given that EY only increased its headcount worldwide by 14,000 people in FY 2018.

But Dan Black, global recruitment and hiring leader at EY, reiterated that ambitious 15,000-person hiring goal during an appearance on Bloomberg TV on May 2:

“In my own organization this year, in the U.S. alone, we’re going to hire over 15,000 people. That’s actually slightly up from last year, and that number globally is actually over 80,000 hires for us.”

EY currently has 180 people working in NOLA, so the Black and Yellow will more than double its headcount there in the next few years.

Will EY get to that 15,000-person hiring goal in the U.S. and 80,000 new hires globally this year? I have my doubts. But give EY credit for sending media alerts to the press in Nashville and New Orleans so local reporters can cover these dull press conferences and write articles about the firm’s expansions and new hires, so dumb websites like this one can write about them after the fact.