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Here’s Your Open Thread for Rothstein Kass, Crowe Horwath, BKD, Moss Adams et al. Comp Discussions (2013)

A year ago TODAY we did the et al. compensation thread for any and all accounting firms that typically fly below the radar, so it seems fitting that we would mark the occasion again on August 29th.

Plus, someone at Rothstein Kass is practically begging us:

Can you please open a compensation thread for Rothstein Kass?  Raise meetings have started and will continue through September 20th.
Following the layoffs that happened earlier this year (and the low morale), one might assume top brass to up the ante and provide raises that will retain the top performers.  The disparity they're promising probably won't be enough, which will lead to exodus at the top and mass exodus at the middle and bottom.   From what I've heard so far, I'm beginning to think it'll be barely above a cost of living adjustment.  So much for living the Core Values.
Ah, yes. The RK layoffs. Those were contentious, weren't they?
Enough about RK. If you want to get in this, get in this (NO YOU, Klynveldians; your time will come).
There are plenty of CPAs at firms who have no doubt had their summer RUINED and they need some inspiration:

This is your moment, Big 4-ish rejects and refugees. Enjoy.

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