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Here’s Your Final 1040 Filing Deadline of 2011* Open Thread

For those of you that worked through the weekend, your consumption of 5-hour bombs probably has you juiced enough to last you through the October 31st deadline for those affected by Hurricane Irene. ANYWAY, TThe good news is that another tax filing year has final come to an end. The less-good news is that it’s only 75 days until 2012 and you get to start all over again. Now’s the time to get anything off your chest. Feel like screaming at the client that showed up with their shoebox this morning? Partners forcing you to postmark hundreds of envelopes for the stuff that simply isn’t getting done by midnight? Best to let it out now, January will be here before you know it.

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*I have to do this because some of you petty, hair-splitting types would point out the extended deadlines. This should suffice that we’re completely aware of it. Get back to work.