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November 25, 2022

Here’s the PwC Comp Data In Spreadsheet Form

Of course a spreadsheet jockey with too many billable hours to burn took it upon themselves to slap together the most recent PwC comp comments into a little spreadsheet so anyone interested in comparing doesn't need to scroll through 269 comments to do it. Isn't that sweet?

Obviously that is really hard to read. Don't worry, you can download the whole thing here.

Here's the breakdown:

Area Locale Level Performance Raise % Bonus %
Audit Big Senior Average 6 3
Tax Big Senior Good 7.5 5
Audit Big Senior Good 7 3.5
Audit Big Senior Good 6 14
Tax Big Staff Average 7 0
Audit Mid Staff Average 6 0
Audit Big Senior Good 13 7
Tax Big Senior Great 14 0
Audit Big Senior Great 14 9.5
Tax Big Senior Average 8.2 3.6
Tax Mid Senior Great 14.3 14
Audit Big Staff Great 12 0
Tax Big Senior Great 20 0
Audit Big Staff Good 10 0
Tax Big Staff Average 10 0
Audit Big Staff Average 5.3 0
Tax Big Senior Good 14 10
Audit Big Staff Good 7 0
Audit Big Staff Average 6.5 0
Advisory Big Senior Good 14 8
Audit Big Staff Good 9.8 0
Audit Big Manager Average 5.7 10
Advisory Big Staff Average 4.7 3.9
Advisory Big Senior Good 6.1 10
Tax Mid Senior Average 10 4.5
Audit Big Staff Average 5.5 0
Audit Mid Staff Good 7.5 0
Audit Big Staff Good 8 0
Audit Big Staff Good 6.8 0
Advisory Big Manager Great 21.2 14
Audit Big Senior Great 11.5 12
Audit Big Staff Great 12.2 0
Advisory Big Senior Good 12 9
Audit Big Staff Great 14.7 0
Advisory Big Staff Great 22 8
Tax Mid Staff Average 5.4 0
Tax Big Staff Great 15 10
Tax Mid Staff Great 15 0
Audit Big Staff Good 10 0
Audit Mid Staff Average 6 0
Advisory Big Senior Great 10 16


Enjoy! As far as we know, comp talks will continue through July 12 so if our little spreadsheet rockstar wants to create a final at that time, I'm sure everyone would buy him a drink for his trouble.

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