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Here’s a Cringey EY Rap Anthem to Begin Your Workweek

Happy Monday, GC faithful. One of the things we here at GC headquarters have enjoyed sharing with you through the years are horrible anthems about Big 4 firms. Who can forget such classics as “Making an Impact That Matters” about Deloitte, “EY Anthem,” and “Your Worlds, Our People” about PwC. These sound like the songs the Church of Scientology uses to recruit new victims members.

Well we’ve got a new one to add to the list, “Beam Yellow,” about EY. Posted on YouTube by JuicyJayPresents, this rap song is a “Big 4 diss.” And the lyrics are included so all you EYers can sing along to:

Them other three,
You can’t mess with the beam,
If you wanted to.

Uncle Ernie, Mister Young, man,
This consultanting fool,
Propose the works.


I didn’t know calling the yellow stripe above the E and the Y in the firm’s logo “The Beam” was actually a thing.

Anyway, here’s “Beam Yellow (Big 4 Diss).” Enjoy!

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