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Here Is a Non-Exhaustive List of Things That Are Better Than Coming Out of a Successful Meeting

Listen, Life at Deloitte, we understand that you're obligated to tweet things like this but you should really choose your words carefully. You asked the question, so we're now obligated to answer.

Here are just a few things that feel better than coming out a successful meeting, feel free to add yours if you think I missed anything.

  • When the balance sheet balances
  • Taking the last donut out of the conference room
  • Filling out your Out of Office
  • Plucking a stray hair
  • Getting a back massage
  • Taking a hot shower on a cold day
  • Eating pizza
  • Eating anything
  • Cuddling kittens and/or puppies
  • Jumping in puddles
  • Getting a good performance review
  • Getting a good bonus
  • Getting a good hug
  • Drinking cold water after a workout
  • Working out
  • Not working
  • Getting your inbox down to zero
  • Taking the first slice of cake
  • Taking the last slice of cake
  • Walking into an air conditioned bodega in the middle of summer
  • Binge watching your favorite TV show
  • Having your teeth cleaned at the dentist
  • Finding the last Snicker bar in the snack drawer
  • Being forced to eat the Milky Way in the snack drawer
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Paying taxes

If a successful meeting is the best thing to happen to you all day, we genuinely feel sorry for you.