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Here Are the Top 10 Cities For Finance/Accounting Jobs

According to staffing agency Accounting Principals, Houston leads the pack for the top 10 cities for finance jobs. I'm sure this comes as a surprise to just about everyone, who might expect New York to top that list. As a matter of fact, New York didn't even make last year's list and its inclusion this year reflects a large number of opportunities for finance professionals in non-profit, media/advertising, and retail. Jobs in demand in the city include staff accountants, tax accountants, and external reporting (SEC) professionals.

"As the economy improves we'll see more cities follow New York's lead, with finance jobs becoming increasingly available in nonfinancial firms," said Jodi Chavez, senior vice president, Accounting Principals. "Accounting and finance is an essential function to operate and grow every business. As markets improve, finance professionals will be needed to advise business leaders on where and when to expand."

San Francisco and Chicago continue to offer career opportunities in the accounting and finance field, appearing for the second consecutive year on Accounting Principals' list of cities to find a finance job. Both cities' status as a hotbed for startups and small to medium sized businesses create a demand for talent across the board, especially in the financial services sector. Senior accountants, corporate controllers, and CPAs are among the in-demand jobs.

Here's the top 10:


Richmond, VA

New York

San Francisco



Tulsa, Okla.

Overland Park/Kansas City, Kan.

Raleigh, NC


"These cities represent some of the best opportunities for candidates in the finance field. It is yet another sign that employers are increasingly confident in their own business and the economy, and are looking for qualified professionals to help them grow their business," said Chavez. "As entry level accounting and finance professionals enter the field this May, these cities are great places to consider during their job search."

I'm sort of surprised Washington, DC did not make this list as we are probably the only city in the entire country completely unaware that there even was a recession.

Accounting jobs are still beating out any other area of finance, which should come as good news to any of you considering telling your employer to suck it or otherwise looking for new and/or improved opportunities. Get on it.