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Here Are Some Resources to Survive a Career Surrounded By Jargon-Spewing Gibberishists

Let's circle back to a previous discussion on useless business jargon, an art of which accounting firms are thought leaders. At the end of the day, these tired phrases utilize the most ineffective low-hanging fruit of communication, leaving us with an empty shell of thought that probably could have been better expressed using cave paintings or a series of grunts.

Someone who dislikes corporate gobbledegook as much as we do stepped up to the plate to innovate the Tumblr sphere with Use Sparingly, a collection of nonsense jargon with no-nonsense definitions.


Inspired by this top down approach to cutting through the complexity of corporate gibber jabber, we came up with Business Jargon Bingo. You can download cards here if you want to grab a couple and play with your colleagues. Every time you get one of these phrases in an email or hear one on a conference call, check it off. Is there a prize for bingo? Really now, what do you think?

Shout out to @PwC_LLP for basically filling in this bingo card for us.