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Hemp and Cannabis Foundation Director Prefers Using Taxpayer Dollars for ‘Corporate Growth’ Rather Than Investing in Wall Street

The Daily reports that the Hemp and Cannabis Foundation owes nearly $3 million in back income, foundation, and payroll taxes, citing "IRS documents." Foundation director Paul Stanford claims that things will be straightened out this year although the Foundation and Stanford have had their share of financial troubles. Regardless! Stanford argues that there were far more nefarious things he could have done with the money:

“I used the money for corporate growth and I didn’t personally enrich myself,” he said. “I think it’s a lot better than pumping it into those Wall Street corporations, if you ask me.”

Of course some people see it differently:

“Payroll taxes are not your money. It’s no different than theft,” attorney Alan Straus told The Daily. “You’re taking the government’s share of tax out of employees’ wages but not giving it to the government. In some states, the same charge is treated as larceny.”

And, quite appropriately, in some states that's way worse than a marijuana possession charge. 

[via The Daily]