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Happy 125th Birthday, KPMG!

Today is August 2 and KPMG is turning 125! Way to prove the naysayers wrong as they pointed and jeered and insisted that we’d be down to just three Big 4 firms by the end of the 2010s. YOU GO, KPMG. Don’t listen to those haters.

There’s a press release because of course there is:

KPMG LLP, the U.S. audit, tax and advisory firm, is celebrating its 125th anniversary on Aug. 2. In recognition of this milestone, the firm’s partners and professionals will participate in Community Impact Day, which includes community volunteer activities across the country and special events planned in key markets.

“Since 1897, our firm and our people have taken great pride in serving our clients, communities and the capital markets with excellence,” said Paul Knopp, Chair and CEO, KPMG LLP. “We look forward to celebrating our 125th anniversary and beyond by continuing to invest in and positively impact our communities across the country where our people live and work.”

In honor of the 125th anniversary, the firm and the KPMG U.S. Foundation will invest $125 million over the next five years in programs helping underrepresented groups confront systemic barriers to opportunities in education, health care and economic opportunity, while working together with these groups to help create stronger, more resilient communities.

All firm professionals have been provided with “impact hours” for participation in Community Impact Day activities on August 2, in addition to the community impact hours KPMG grants each person annually. KPMG’s 90 offices across the country identified 450 local non-profits to support for the 125th anniversary celebration.

“Although much has changed since our founding, supporting the communities where we live and work is core to who we are as a firm and will continue to be,” said KPMG Deputy Chair and Chief Operating Officer Laura Newinski. “It’s especially fitting that we spend the day of our 125th anniversary giving back.”

Special anniversary activities are planned in New York, where the firm’s headquarters are located, and Orlando, Fla., the home of KPMG Lakehouse, the firm’s learning, development and innovation facility. Follow the firm’s activities on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

If you happen to see wild KPMGers out and about in the community this week now you know why.

2 thoughts on “Happy 125th Birthday, KPMG!

  1. I worked for KPMG.
    Before that I worked for KPMG PeatMarwick.
    Before that I worked for Peat Marwick Main.
    Before that I worked for Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co.

    I was only with the firm for 5 years!

    I didn’t ever work for Marwick Mitchell or WB Peats. However, whenever we met people from a different office we used to introduce ourselves as “Hi, I’m Pete Mitchell.”

  2. Same KPMG who produced hundreds of fraudulent audits of mortgage companies, investment and commercial banks along with PWC and Deloitte that directly contributed to the 2008 financial crisis and stock market and RE meltdowns. Signed clean audit opinions on dozens of firms that engaged in clear easily seen and easily detected massive loan and investment CDO frauds. They should have all been jailed as they cost several million US citizens their homes and the bulk of their life’s savings. But the US does not prosecute white collar criminals like KPMG, AIG, Goldman, Deloitte, Citigroup and pals.

    Happy birthday criminals. 🙂

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