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Why Growing Companies Desperately Need People With Your Accounting Background

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With companies relying more on artificial intelligence and cloud-based technology, there’s been a trending doomsday buzz about the stability of the accounting profession heading into the next decade.

But put down those Morpheus blinders for just a minute and take a deep breath. We’ve got some good news for you flesh-and-blood number-crunchers: Now more than ever, companies need your accounting expertise to grow.

Accounting skills are in high demand

Today’s growing companies desperately need your accounting skills as they attempt to achieve the trajectory that will transform them from SMBs into full-on enterprises. And this is a trend that likely won’t bend during the next decade.

This means that, even as they adopt new intelligent technologies, these growing companies will continue to need you out in front of the customer, doing what you’ve always done: creating financial solutions.

“Foundationally, accountants understand finance, but they also tend to have good problem-solving and critical-thinking skills,” said Pavan Satyaketu, a leader at consulting firm Advaion. “Businesses are increasingly working with accountants to help them tailor those skills to the client’s unique financial needs.”

Satyaketu said Advaion consultants are involved with young companies from their startup—advising them through first-round fundraising through customer relationship management (CRM) strategy and more, ultimately helping them grow and, in some cases, go public. (Scroll down to the bottom of this post to view open Advaion accounting jobs in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. and New York City.)

You know how to mend the financial software gaps

Some firms have absconded traditional software in favor of cloud-based solutions and/or intelligent technology. But many still rely on the old tools of the trade—or are in the process of transitioning from one to the other. Throughout all these stages of technological maturity, growing companies rely on people with accounting skills to get the most out of their software.

“As companies move from the toddler-preteen stage, they hit a point where they are going to start growing quickly,” Satyaketu said. “They’ve been operating on a QuickBooks system, and now they need to move to a more sophisticated solution.”

Satyaketu said these companies will benefit most from working with consulting firms that have experience building a company from the ground up, noting that this means pointing the client to the right system scale and making sure they have the right CRM for their business needs. He said accounting skills are essential to managing those growth scales and making sure a company can meet its long-term expectations and contracts.

“Accounting skills help us answer questions like: Is the client really profitable? Does it have enough cash in the bank for the next 18 months? Answering those questions is critical to helping companies grow and scale,” he said.

You already have the leadership skills to take flight

Although a veteran Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships during the 1990s, no one ever questioned the playability of the other four players who joined him on the court. (OK, a lot of people did, but they were wrong. Scottie Pippen was awesome.)

The same philosophy can be applied to young accountants who are increasingly stepping up to use their skills to relate to growing companies that are hungry to trim costs, increase productivity, and expand outside their existing business shells.

Like Scottie Pippen, Luc Longley, Dennis Rodman, and the rest of the ’90s Bulls, accountants may never be the star attraction. But without them and their skills, growing businesses will reach a frustrating Orlando Magic-esque plateau—right on the cusp of greatness but falling just short of championship gold.

Satyaketu said that one of the key components of Advaion’s success is the strong accounting skills of the firm’s consultants. Advaion employees understand the immense value they bring to growing companies and have the confidence to work directly with clients across the world.

“You want to always maximize your value, and that starts with understanding accounting processes,” he said. “By not understanding accounting, a growing business could leave a couple million dollars on the table because it doesn’t have the correct numbers at hand.”

Are you ready to maximize your potential?

Is being part of a firm that understands the future of the industry and helps its employees accelerate their careers important to you? Of course it is.

A career at Advaion capitalizes on your existing accounting skills, augmenting them with new abilities that help transform you into a future business leader. The firm exposes you to every part of the business, helping you grow your consulting and interpersonal skills while teaching you how to take advantage of AI and other new technology that is shaping the industry.

You’ll work with businesses of every size, helping them grow and achieve their goals as your career advances in lockstep with their success. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, click one of the links below to apply for an open advising job at Advaion now.

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