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Grover Norquist Hopes Godzilla Can Teach Us About Living in Constant Fear

You will recall a recent Open Item that asked what if accountants could be replaced by software in the future?

You might also recall one conspiracy-minded commenter who opined on the possibility of a mass electromagnetic pulse event that could wipe out every iPod and Excel tab in the world:

Ready for a conspiracy theory? If our power grids are ever under cyber-attack and/or electromagnetic pulse weapons are a reality in terrorist type attacks, our society would have to learn to deal and manage without all the computers and software. And, in a more realistic view, power outages happen…natural disasters, etc. Even IF a lot of our tasks could become computerized, we will still need the skills to take the place when the machines breakdown…and also for regulatory/etc reasons. And, oh…audit?

As luck would have it, tax-hating troll Grover Norquist is totally thinking about this and hoping Godzilla can show all of us how important it is to keep paper copies of every Taxpayer Protection Pledge ever signed:

“More Americans will learn about EMP — even in the flawed sense of being temporary — from Godzilla than from all the RAND studies and panel discussions at CPAC,” says Grover Norquist, a conservative who, along with former Speaker Newt Gingrich, has tried to raise awareness about the issue.

In an email, Norquist praised the ability of science fiction to help the public imagine things they might not otherwise consider. “Ted Kennedy referred to the Strategic Defense Initiative as Star Wars believing he was trivializing the issue and suggesting it was fantasy,” Norquist said. “But millions of Americans saw Star Wars the movie and the idea that we were capable of great technological leaps was more credible because of the film, not less.”

So, remember to print out all your favorite Americans for Tax Reform blog posts to read over canned beans in your fallout shelter just in case doomsday arrives in the form of a massive, magnetically-charged lizard that was completely made up and could never actually exist.