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Groupon Chief Accounting Officer Joe Del Preto, Is That Really You?

I have some doubts about this tip actually coming from the real Joe Del Preto but on the off chance it is (it was signed as such), maybe he would care to explain? I attempted to reach out to ask if he might suggest some other companies whose financial statements we should check out and, subsequently, completely tear apart in front of everyone but the email was bounced back, leading me to believe this is yet another tip box troll. Regardless, it's worth discussing.

Do you feel its generic to always pick on Groupon? Aren't there better companies to discuss?

Ooooh burrrrrrrn. Is it generic? I'm not sure what the tipster meant by that but I assume it means that we're just followers plodding along behind the real financial journalists who dictate what blood we the circling sharks are sniffing out in the water that particular week. I'm fine with that and am pretty sure Colin would agree were he not totally MIA right now.

Are there better companies to discuss? You guys know as well as I do that there are always companies to discuss but we have implemented a one Patrick Byrne on a Segway photo limit per month and few companies are as deliciously scandalous as Groupon at this moment.

Don't worry, Joe (if that is, in fact, your name), we'll move on once Groupon implodes. Vultures need a carcass to feed, after all.