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GOP Congressional Members Aren’t Going to Give Up on Their Favorite Pastime to Focus on Tax Reform

Congressman Dave Camp's (R-MI) vision for tax reform is lower rates with fewer credits and deductions. Seems simple enough. If he manages to succeed in getting a bill out of the Ways and Means Committee however, he'll have to get past two major obstacles:
1) Congressional Members who like the idea of tax reform, but not actual tax reform:
[Tax reform] has reached a natural decision point where Republicans must decide whether it’s the right time to move forward, a senior House Republican aide said.
That aide said a potential worry is opposition from lawmakers outside the Ways and Means panel who are generally supportive of the concept without being steeped in the details and might object to ending specific tax breaks.
2) Bashing ObamaCare is just too fun and easy.
Republicans also want to keep the public’s focus on flaws in the rollout of President Barack Obama’s 2010 health-care law and continue budget talks without opening up the possibility of tax increases.
Ignorance about tax policy and a dragging on in a hopeless fight steeped in political ideology. Good luck with that, Camper.