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Going Concern March Madness: FIND your Final Four in The Ultimate Excel Bracket

¡Ay, caramba! Our field of 64 has funneled to the Final Four:
  • Keyboard Shortcuts:  #2 Seed Ctrl-Z vs. Other Excel Features: #6 Seed Format Painter
  • Worksheet Functions: #10 Seed VLOOKUP vs. Data Analysis Tools: #12 Seed Filter
There’s only one more round before the final face off. Here’s how the strong have survived:
Keyboard Shortcuts Final Four Contender: #2 seed Ctrl-Z
Round 4: Zoomed past #1 seed Ctrl-S
Round 3: Zapped #11 seed F5
Round 2: Zinged #7 seed Ctrl-A
Round 1: Zonked #15 seed Ctrl-Down
Other Excel Features Final Four Contender: #6 seed Format Painter
Round 4: Forced out #8 seed Format Cells
Round 3: Flushed #10 seed Linked Workbooks
Round 2: Flooded #3 seed Quick Access Toolbar
Round 1: Flew past #11 seed Hyperlink
Final Four Prediction: It’s been nice knowing ya, Format Painter.
Data Analysis Tools Final Four Contender: #12 seed Filter
Round 4: Fractured #2 seed Table
Round 3: Frazzled #1 seed Pivot Table
Round 2: Funneled #4 seed Text to Columns
Round 1: Frolicked past #5 seed Remove Duplicates
Worksheet Functions Final Four Contender: #10 VLOOKUP
Round 4: Vaulted over #13 seed LEFT
Round 3: Vexed #6 seed SUMIF
Round 2: Ventilated #2 seed IFERROR
Round 1: Vacated #7 seed SUM
Final Four Prediction: This one’s a dead heat—only time will tell…so get to voting. The polls close at 11:59 pm PT tomorrow night.

David H. Ringstrom, CPA — @excelwriter on Twitter — heads up Accounting Advisors, Inc., an Atlanta-based software and database consulting firm.