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Going Concern Is Looking for New Columnists

Are you looking to mix things up in the new year? Take a risk? Express yourself in a creative outlet? Say things about accounting that you've kept pit of your heart out of fear that people would cast you into the darkness? Great, keep reading.

We're looking for new, regular contributors to write for Going Concern. We're not looking for advice columnists (stick to Open Items if that's what you want to do) and we're not interested in one-off posts. Rather we want people who think they can make accounting, in its various forms, interesting. Interesting is good. And funny. Funny is also good. But not too funny.

Ideally, you'd write something once a week on a mutually agreed upon day. Yes, we'll pay you, but it's not going to allow you to quit your day job. Honestly, if you care about the money, then this isn't the gig for you. Pseudonyms are fine. You'll have more luck talking to people if you're not writing under one, but they are necessary sometimes.

We'd like you to write about a specialization or give a unique perspective. Topics of interest to us would be: taxes and tax policy, advisory, small firms, starting a firm or technology. If your specialization or idea is outside of that, let us know what it is and we can discuss it. 

If any of the above sounds enticing and you like stringing words together, then you should email us a bio or résumé and include some links to what you've written. If you've never written a sentence on the internet in your life (aside from your shallow Facebook status updates) then you can still email us, but either pitch us your angle or send a draft of your first post along so we can get a sense of your abilities (or lack thereof).

And if you know of someone who should be writing on GC but they need a push, send them this post. We're always looking for new and interesting voices for the site.

Thanks for your interest.

Note: If you're a vendor or some other company looking to market to accountants, your submissions will be considered as sponsored content. Contact Jeff Phillips for more info.