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Get Your Dancing Shoes, It’s AICPA Council Week

It's that time of year again when lobbyists dust off their agendas and head to Washington to represent the voice of America's CPAs and their clients for the spring meeting of AICPA Governing Council. Once again I'll be covering the festivities however since hardly any of you actually care about legislative news or anything serious that doesn't directly involve your paychecks, I'll be covering Council for AccountingWEB instead.

For some bizarre reason, we're hitting the Hill Wednesday morning after tonight's reception so I guess that means not getting totally hammered and wandering home on the green line like last year. Boo.

All the big players will be there of course; Barry Melancon, Greg Anton, John Veihmeyer is on some panel with other not-quite-Big 4-CEOs (oops did I say that out loud?), my secret crush Ernie Almonte will be talking about Horizons 2025, Doug Shulman will be there on the farewell tour… you get the point. Oh and don't forget Jim Doty yapping about the future of financial and business reporting from a standards-setting and regulatory perspective. Come on, you wish you could spend this week listening to that. Go on, hate on me.

And let's not forget this is also the AICPA 125th anniversary celebration which I'm sure is going to be a blast. Although I'm sure my boyfriend looks adorably square in a tuxedo, we decided not to attend the black tie gala. I do have a mole on the ground though and will let you all know if anything interesting goes down.

Anyway, if anyone has the least bit of interest in this stuff, get in touch and I'll get you what you're looking for otherwise see you kids on the other side. Oh, and if any of you are in town for this, feel free to hit me up, a minimum of one beer is on me if you're cool.