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GC Freelancer Finals: Death Match Edition

Alright, so we weeded out the first round and wrapped up the GC freelancer finals yesterday, leaving us with 3 candidates and a lot of comments both good and bad for each.

In the interest of making this easy on everyone, let's analyze. As is, it's looking like we need a final head-to-head death match to be sure.

I've included views/comments stats with each post but it's worth pointing out that the second round only started on Monday so it's a bit hard to gauge "popularity" based on pageviews for the second submissions and pageviews/comments are not all that matter around here.

Here are our finalists in alphabetical order so no one thinks we're playing favorites. Truth be told, we're more interested in what you all think than what we do at this point in the competition.

Bob Loblaw:

Four Things to Remember Before You Leave Public Accounting

Comments: 101 Pageviews: 7903

Revenues Down, Expenses Up: An Analysis of Big 4's Financial Situation

Comments: 85 Pageviews: 6019

Andrew Roberts:

Advice From a Partner On How To Make Partner For Those Who Don't Want to Be Partner

Comments: 53 Pageviews: 6995

If the Big Firms Were Alcohol, Here's What You'd Be Drinking

Comments: 20 Pageviews: 3101

Lee St. Mark:

A Checklist for Leaving Public Accounting

Comments: 52 Pageviews: 7241

PCAOB vs Public Accounting (War)

Comments: 22 Pageviews: 2209

Please do us a favor and rank them 1, 2 and 3 with 1 being who you'd choose if you were a power-hungry public accounting reject like Colin looking to add to his esteemed team of rejects. If you feel a head-to-head death match is in order from here, tell us who you'd eliminate immediately. Any other constructive criticism is welcome but let's remember people have feelings.