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FYI CPA Exam Candidates: NASBA Systems Will Be Down (Briefly) This Weekend So Plan Accordingly

Active CPA exam candidates should have gotten an email about this upcoming planned outage however if your inbox looks anything like mine, it’s entirely possible that said email was lost among the Hello Fresh spam and discount codes from brands you bought from once that try and act like they genuinely miss you. So consider this a backup reminder to save you from sifting through that mess.

NASBA tweeted yesterday that their systems will be down for maintenance on April 17 (which is Saturday for those of you who are still on corona time and have no idea what day it is at any given moment). Here’s the details:

The Gateway System and CPA Central will be down for a scheduled outage on Saturday April 17th, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Central). You WILL NOT have access to your NASBA CPA Candidate account during this time. If you are scheduled to take the CPA Exam during this time, please print or download your Notice to Schedule (NTS) form before the scheduled outage. If you do not have a NTS form, you will not be able to test.

If you have an exam scheduled this weekend, it is imperative that you access your NTS ahead of time or else, as the notification mentions, you will be turned away at Prometric. Since no one actually owns a printer and most of us are still unable to access our offices to use the company printer like white collar professionals have done since the dawn of time (thanks, Rona), consider asking your nearest Boomer relative to print it out for you, or just save it in PDF on your phone. Actually, do both if you can, better safe than sorry. Here’s hoping Aunt Karen is topped up on magenta.

You can reprint your Notice to Schedule using this handy NASBA link.

Now, I know some of you tend toward obsessive disorders and catastrophizing the smallest inconvenience but it’s worth keeping in mind that NASBA did this back in late January and everything was fine. So assuming you do what you have to do and print your NTS ahead of time, you really don’t have anything to worry about. Unless you decide on Saturday afternoon that you really, really need to read up on NASBA 2020-2021 Board appointments that very moment in which case I’m sorry but you’re SOL.