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Friendly Reminder for Professional Ladies: Don’t Dress Like a Skank at Work

Why is it these memos are almost always directed at female professionals? Why does no one call out dudes on wrinkled shirts, ill-fitting pants that look like your older brother's hand-me-downs and awful, scuffed up shoes of the sort an elderly man with arthritis might buy out of a medical supply catalog?

This passive aggressive, lady-hating beauty comes via Above the Law courtesy Loyola Law School but go ahead and substitute "lawyer" should you need to, as in this context, "professionals" would suffice:

How many times do women in the law need to be told not to dress like streetwalkers? Enough already…

Last night, we started receiving reports of a memo entitled “Ethics, Professionalism and Course Requirements for Off Campus Externs” that was distributed by Loyola Law School’s externship director to all students working in judicial chambers, government agencies, and public interest law firms for class credit. One of it recipients contacted us, directing our attention to this slide in particular

Seriously, this isn't the adult education class at community college that teaches former drug dealers how to cover up their "fuck the police" neck tattoo for a job interview, it's law school. A reasonable person can assume future female lawyers aren't going to shove the girls up to their necks and slap on their favorite fair of Courtney Stodden acrylic heels. As ATL pointed out, no, no you didn't need to mention it, and yet you did anyway. This sounds like a personal pet peeve (who that isn't holding a TED talk uses "I" in a slideshow anyway?!) that someone should work out in therapy, not take out on unsuspecting law students with extensive shoe collections.

Shouldn't "complaints from supervisors" be addressed to the offending skank-dressers and not the group as a whole? I mean, we get that it's LA and things are, er, different there but come on. It could have just been left at "dress appropriately and model yourself after the lawyers in the office" and be done with it.