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Friday Footnotes: Ikea’s Taxes; CPA Exam Prayers; Where’s That K-1? | 02.12.16

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Boeing to Face SEC Probe of Dreamliner and 747 Accounting [Bloomerg]

Ikea Has Been Accused of Avoiding 1 Billion Euros in Taxes [Fortune]

Valeant uses rare accounting maneuver for acquisitions that cushions income [MarketWatch]

I made a promise to Our Lady of Guadalupe that if I passed the CPA exam I'd deliver food and clothing to the indigent in Mexico. [CNN]

I want my K-1. I want it now, Daddy! [Joe Kristan]

Nasdaq to trial blockchain voting for shareholders [CNBC]

Want to be a better leader? Observe more and react less [McKinsey]

‘You don’t add a bit of value, do you?’: Texas judge berates government lawyers [WaPo]

What do the British Raj and Facebook Free Basics have in common? A lot, actually [Quartz]