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Footnotes:The Unavoidable Scandal; When Is Lerner Resigning?; Small Firms, Get Some Interns | 05.17.13

Treasury Knew of I.R.S. Inquiry in 2012, Official Says Mr. Miller did concede that the I.R.S.'s apology for targeting was prompted by a question planted by the agency last Friday at an American Bar Association meeting. At that meeting, Lois Lerner, the head of the I.R.S.'s division overseeing tax-exempt organizations, was asked about an inquiry of the targeting issue, eliciting an apology that quickly leaked out of the closed-door session. The I.R.S. then scrambled to issue a formal release on the issue. [NYT]

An ‘unthinkable’ IRS scandal? More like unavoidable. [Joe Thorndike in the WaPo]

Baucus on IRS: 'I have a hunch that a lot more is going to come out' [The Hill]

Lois Lerner Must Resign And apologize, says David Cay Johnston. DCJ has it written up and everything: "I failed to do my job. I apologize for all the harm I have done. I will cooperate in every way with those who will, and should, examine every aspect of my indefensible errors in judgment." [DCJ/Tax Analysts]

VP Joe Biden Believes There’s ‘No Legal Reason’ The Government Can’t Slap A Sin Tax On ‘Violent Media’ [ATL]

Apple CEO wants lower taxes in exchange for job creation [NBC]

Summer Interns — Hire Them Even If You Don't Need Them [AWEB]

Cat to pay less for Chinese firm mired in accounting woes [Reuters]

IRS to Refund Tax Preparers for Canceled Certification Tests [AWEB]

How To Give A Best Man Toast That Doesn't Suck It's applicable for ladies, too. [Deadspin]

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