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Footnotes: Who is resisting the Boehner?; A CPA firm Grinch; 77% of taxpayers go off the cliff | 01.03.13

SEC v. Deloitte. It’s Important. [China Law Blog]

Who are the Boehner resisters? Too easy. [POLITICO]

IRS Issues Withholding Tables to Reflect 2013 Tax Rates [Bloomberg]

Controversial Dark Money Group Among Five That Told IRS They Would Stay Out of Politics, Then Didn’t [ProPublica]

Christmas crook steals wreaths from Albany CPA firm [WALB 10]

Sorry, Middle Class: In a Few Years, Your Taxes Will Have to Go Up, Too [The Atlantic]

ParenteBeard Reveals "Seven Deadly Sins of Audit Committees" [AccountingWEB]

Fiscal cliff deal raises taxes on 77% of Americans I feel like I read this somewhere already. [CNN Money]

Oldest private Swiss bank pleads guilty in U.S. tax evasion case [Reuters]