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Footnotes: When Tax Fraud Turns Deadly; Quiznos Won’t Get Toasted in Bankruptcy; No Life at Deloitte | 03.17.14

11 issues that could flare up at the next shareholder meeting [JofA]

Wait, Quiznos almost went belly up? [Denver Post]

Medical marijuana stores blocked from tax breaks [USA Today]

Wait, high schoolers help file taxes now? To think I wasted that time of my life smoking in the park and waiting for the principal to cuss me out again [KCOY]

Fraudsters may be waiting in the wings for Alibaba's IPO Fox warns that we can see a second round of frauds, such as we saw in 2009, 2010 and 2011. "In the U.S., the companies listed in China don't go under same level of regulatory scrutiny, they are not safe investments," he said. Fox said Chinese companies that list here have some different rules than every other country regardless of origin. He said that's because the Securities and Exchange Commission does not have access to the work files of the audited companies of China. [CNBC]

Life at Deloitte sounds terrible [Twitter]

A really smart guy who didn't want to go to jail for tax fraud is going to spend 20 years in jail for trying to hire someone to kill the judge that would have put him in jail for tax fraud instead [Dallas Morning News]

Opposition Mounts for House XBRL Exemption Legislation [AWeb]

In case you've been in a green beer coma since last year, here you will find Greg Kyte's guide to a successful St Patrick's Day for CPAs [GC]

And for your random awful link of the day, DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT watch Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's latest video (no, not THAT kind of video). I repeat, DO NOT [Gawker]