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Footnotes: Unregistered Selling; Death Tax?; Being a Tool | 05.15.14

SEC Charges Unregistered Securities Salesman for Selling Millions of Dollars in Oil-and-Gas Investments [SEC]

I'm honored Grover Norquist put me on his ATR mailing list for some reason. Today, he sent me this on the appropriately named Death Tax [ATR]

Meanwhile, on Twitter [Twitter]

Also on Twitter, I feel like we need to talk about this as my experience tells me 90% of the people at events are partners, more than that if there's an open bar [Twitter]

Did This Biglaw Partner Act Like A Big Tool? Let’s Discuss. [Above the Law]

A thieving accountant in Sioux Falls (nice town, that) accused of stealing from an employer pled guilty [Argus Leader]

Major U.S. hedge funds sold 'momentum' Internet names in first-quarter [Reuters]

There's a bar owner in NYC facing charges for tax evasion and grand larceny, good times [DNAinfo]