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Footnotes: Uh, Rite Aid?; A CPA Saved Apple; China China China | 11.25.13

Ed. note: Forgive the short Footnotes today, it's been a long day and there's not much going on, plus it's half a week this week (yes, we will be out after noon on Wednesday and will not see you again until Monday so plan accordingly). We're on Twitter so @ us and you can always get us on email so just reach out if you need us, especially if you're sitting at dinner with your family you hate and need a distraction, I'll be happy to send you funny cat photos to get you through.

U.S. judge won't void ex-Rite Aid exec Franklin Brown's accounting scandal convictions [Penn Live]

Let's all join in a moment of silence for a Bethesda homemaker and former accountant who died today at the ripe old age of 101 [WaPo]

Russell Simmons said Obamacare has saved millions of lives [ATR]

Did a CPA save Apple's ass? [AppleInsider]

For beleaguered IRS, a crucial test still awaits after troubled rollout of health-care law [WaPo]

There's some drama with Qualcomm and China (is Qualcomm still around even?) [BB] has a way to go PEOPLE, don't expect it to be perfect by Dec 1 [The Hill]

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