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Footnotes: Jeremy Newman – Back in the Game; Keep Those Travel Receipts!; Exhibit A for the 47% | 09.19.12

Newman confirmed as Audit Commission chairman [Accountancy Age]

Prince to Answer IRS Information Request, Manager Says [BBW]

What do Americans Think About Nonpayers? [Tax Foundation]

Lessor defends aircraft industry in accounting spat [Reuters]

Democrats make last-minute stab at tax extenders [The Hill]

Why the tax law is so picky about documenting travel deductions [Tax Update]

About the 47 Percent Who Don’t Pay Federal Income Tax: Mitt, Meet Andrea Romney, like many who focus on the 47 percent, is also blinded by the deceptively simple binary status of taxpayer/no taxpayer. In truth, low-income workers benefit far less from tax subsidies than middle-income households, and vastly less than high-income households. [TaxVox]

How to Kick Your Caffeine Addiction and Actually Enjoy Your Coffee Again [LH]