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Footnotes: Tim Cook: ‘Gut the code’; AICPA’s New Forensic Certificate; California Bill Could End Tax Breaks for Boy Scouts | 05.29.13

Some tax bloggers put their names on amicus briefs opposing the IRS' effort to regulate tax preparers [DMWT]

“Just gut the code,” Cook said, speaking onstage at the All Things Digital conference today. “It’s 7,500 pages long. … Apple’s tax return is 2 feet high. It’s crazy. It’s absolutely crazy. “I would suggest we gut it. Lower the rate, and then set a reasonable tax to bring offshore profits back to the U.S." [VB]
Conservative groups sue Holder, IRS over Tea Party targeting [The Hill]

Tax-efficient grocery shopping? [Tax Update]

Tired Old Boys' Clubs — A Lesson on How the Eras End [Re:Balance]

AICPA Adds Forensic Accounting Certificate Program [AT]

An accountant in Lincoln, Nebraska stole nearly $40k from an addiction treatment center. An audit detected the fraud. [LJS]

Boy Scouts May Lose Tax Breaks if California Senate Bill Passes [AWEB]

'Best Wedding Photo Ever' Features T-rex Chasing After Bridal Party [Gawker]

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