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Footnotes: Thanks, Stoners!; Yeah But Was it Accounting Fraud?; America’s Worst Place | 03.10.14

Colorado reaps $2.1 million in taxes, fees in first month of recreational pot [Reuters]

The Challenge of Linking Dewey’s Leader to Possible Accounting Shenanigans Criminal charges filed by New York prosecutors against Steven H. Davis, former chairman of Dewey & LeBoeuf, describe actions that sound quite similar to the events that led to the collapse of Enron and WorldCom a decade ago. And, as with those earlier cases, the challenge for the government will be finding enough evidence to link the law firm’s head to accusations that accounting tricks were used to cover up a deteriorating financial position. [DealBook]

Kass: Questions About Tesla (TSLA) Accounting "In a prior post, I characterized Tesla's reported profits as EBBS (earnings before B.S.)" [The Street]

Feds: Berks businessman failed to pay more than $4.5 million to IRS [69 News]

The SEC is looking into Halliburton subsidiary KBR [WaPo]

New procedure permits automatic recognition of consolidated return filing status [JofA]

Meanwhile, in Florida [Twitter]

A new way to poach talent coming to an office near you? [Adweek]

What she doesn't realize is that's a roundabout way to sexually harass your colleagues [Twitter]

The guy that may or may not be a founder of Bitcoin receives nearly $28,000 worth of Bitcoin as a "sorry" if they got the wrong guy [Bloomberg]

Millennials don’t trust you, and four other takeaways from Pew’s new report [Post Nation via WaPo]

Is San Francisco America's New Worst Place? Haters haters everywhere! [Valleywag]