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Footnotes: Tax the Rich (or Not); What 30 Years Without an Audit Gets You; Merger, Anyone? | 10.25.13

DICicco, Gulman & Company is looking for a Tax Manager in Woburn, MA. [GCJ]

Merger creates largest independent C. Fla. accounting firm [OBJ]

United fined $1.1 million over Chicago delays [CNN]

Patricia Hough, 67, was convicted yesterday in Fort Myers, Florida, of conspiring to defraud the Internal Revenue Service and filing false returns from 2005 to 2008. Prosecutors said Hough didn’t tell the IRS about more than $35 million that she and her husband, David Fredrick, made when the schools and real estate were sold in 2007. […] After jurors convicted Hough and were dismissed, Steele set sentencing for Feb. 10. As he set the date, Hough fainted, according to Steele’s courtroom deputy, Brenda Alexander. Paramedics were called, though Hough declined to go with them. She faces as long as five years in prison. [AT]

Town left high and dry after director is accused of siphoning funds to mistress [CNN]

Italian Taxmen Hound Soccer Player Diego Maradona to Pay Up [AWEB]

More Taxes for New Yorkers May Not Hit the Ultrarich [NYT]

Jesse Jackson Jr will be coming up with $200,000 toward his $750,000 fraud judgment by November 1 [CNN]

If a guy tells you that you won a free trip with free luggage… [ABC Canada]

New Hampshire is suing online travel sites over a possible tax misunderstanding [AP]

Man enters burning house to rescue beer [WTVM]


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