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Footnotes: Tax Policy’s Magic Number Is 28; Can CPAs Tie Pay to Performance?; DC’s Food Truck Tax | 10.01.12

For the Wealthy, a 28 Percent Solution [NYT]

Ungrateful LPs Don’t Even Have The Decency To Pay Private Equity Firms’ Taxes [DB]

Olympus-Sony Deal Shows Japan's Old Ways Die Hard [WSJ]

AICPA Book Urges Firms to Tie Pay to Performance [AT]

D.C. Food Trucks Now Collecting 10 Percent Food Tax [Tax Foundation

Man arrested after spraying cologne in mouth Police say Hoi Ngo of North Attleborough struck a city sewer truck from behind at about 8:30 p.m. Saturday in the city's Dorchester neighborhood. The truck driver says the 40-year-old Ngo at first fell asleep; then tried to drive away bit couldn't given the damage to his vehicle; and finally sprayed cologne in his mouth. Police say when they arrived at the scene Ngo sprayed cologne all over his body. Officers say it didn't work. They say the suspect had bloodshot eyes, poor balance, and an odor of alcohol on his breath, so he was arrested. [AP]


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