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Footnotes: Spreadsheet Addicts; Accounting is Totes Hawt; Where’s the Passion? | 09.24.13

Tim Ryan has an opinion on why accounting is still an attractive profession and you won't need to attend sexual harassment training afterward [Accounting Today]

Patrick & Robinson CPAs – a firm out of Florida – is holding a contest in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the income tax. The gist of it is that you – yes, even you – are supposed to tell the Income Tax how for being 100 years old, it's pretty darn stupid as is [Fort Mill Times]

Speaking of beating a dead horse [Reuters]

John Carney shares a "cool story, bro" moment with Bono [CNBC]

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew wishes investors would take this whole debt limit thing more seriously. It's really, really serious, you guys. [Bloomberg]

Tax Execs Still Clinging to their Spreadsheets Despite a push to automate tax departments, corporate tax heads say they're not backing away from spreadsheets anytime soon. More than 60 percent of 100 tax executives responding to a new global survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI), a membership organization of manufacturers, said they continue to use spreadsheets as a provisional tool in their tax departments even amid the use of more complex tax technology tools. []

Regulators are concerned that someone might be leaking the Fed statement, thereby giving an unfair advantage to certain investors. Uh duh, didn't need a statement to know what they were going to do [Bloomberg]

Deloitte Study: US Workers Lack Passion [AccountingWEB]

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