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Footnotes: Sony Got a Lousy Audit; A Dewey Salary Data Dump; Ponzi Scheme Du Jour | 08.16.12

Sony Corp. and the Mystery of the Lousy Audit [Bloomberg]

Dewey Have Data on How Much Partners Got Paid? Yes — Thanks to the Partner Contribution Plan [ATL]

Walter White wanted for manufacturing meth [TN via io9]

Man, 87, Busted for 400 Pot Plants in Backyard [Reuters]

Ex-UGA coach Jim Donnan charged in Ponzi scheme [AP]

FAQs about TPC’s Analysis of the Romney Tax Plan The authors reemphasize their conclusion that Governor Romney’s tax plan cannot meet all of his stated criteria: lower rates, repeal of the AMT and the estate tax, maintaining preferences for saving and investment, not raising taxes on the middle class, and revenue neutrality. [TaxVox]

It Took Long Enough, But Someone Finally Made A Hitler Minigolf Hole [Deadspin]