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Footnotes: Settlements, Senate Subcommittees, and Snafus | 03.15.13

Utah agrees to pay $5.6 million to accountant running FLDS trust [SLT

SAC Settles Insider Trading Cases for $614 Million [DealBook]

Silicon Valley vs. Corporate Taxes [CC via TaxProf]

Senate Subcommittee Feasting On Whale Today [DB]

Carl Levin, the chair of the subcommittee on investigations, asked her about an incident in which she collared a bank regulator who was getting too nosy and "sternly" told him that Dimon knew about all the investment decisions in her group. Levin pressed on this: was Dimon – the "great CEO" she mentioned – informed throughout about what happened in her office, under her purview? Drew looked directly at Levin, pulled some strength into her thin voice, and gave the answer: "Yes." [Heidi Moore/Guardian]

Auditing’s Snafu: Foreign Secrecy and Impaired Audits [Concurring Opinions]

Bob (is bad to assume that all Roberts go by Bob?) O'Brien is Deloitte's new global head of real estate. [Deloitte]

BuzzFeed to launch business section [MW]

Recovering Unsaved Excel Workbooks News we can all most definitely use. [AWEB]

Jim Turley won a crystal something something from the whatchamacallit. [EY]

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