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Footnotes: The Sands Might Double Down; GFAFASB’s Rebranding; IRS Deadbeat Mike Tyson Likes Taxes | 04.29.13

Las Vegas Sands Can Now Hire A Chinese Auditor [Forbes]

GOP moves away from entitlements and toward tax reform in budget deal [WaPo]

Overview Of The New 3.8% Investment Income Tax, Part 2: Passive Activities [Forbes]

Here are some suggestions the AICPA sent to the House Ways & Means Committee for tax reform. [AICPA]

Tom Coburn wants to take away the NFL, PGA, NHL, and LPGA's tax exempt status. [TP via TaxProf]

Norwalk-based FAF, FASB and GASB undergo rebranding… and no one cares. [The Hour]

Mike Tyson, Who Owes The IRS Millions, Says He Likes Taxes [HuffPo]

A random commenter suggests PwC ditching the Sands might have something to do with this. [Reuters]

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