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September 29, 2023

Footnotes: Rich Guy Says Rich Guys Should Pay More Taxes; Who Wants to Work on Wall Street?; Halloween and the Economy | 10.31.13

Fannie Mae is suing 9 banks over LIBOR losses [USA Today]

Investigation IDs IRS Leaker [NRO]

Pimco head Bill Gross pleads with his fellow 1%ers to pay more taxes because it's just the American thing for filthy rich bastards to do [CNNMoney]

We're going to try to write about this before the week is over but in case we forget, here's Arthur Levitt on the PwC/Booz deal [BB]

Meanwhile, in Kuala Lumpur: KPMG has put out a disclaimer on Petrol One [The Star]

US expats are complaining about taxes "While living in the U.S., the Iowa native was able to prepare his returns using TurboTax. That's no longer the case — Rosenberg's taxes are now so complicated he has been forced to hire an accountant." [CNN]

An interesting piece on what happens when you give money to poor people [NPR]

The kids aren't so hot on Wall Street jobs these days, it seems [CNBC]

Halloween is ruined [Chicago Tribune]

The financial impact of Halloween is NOT scary at all [Reuters]

This article on how many Americans think our government is made up of human-lizard hybrids has absolutely nothing to do with accounting and everything to do with awesome. It's also old as dirt but still awesome. [Atlantic Wire]

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